august 19th 2014

Loss of feeling, havent felt alive in a long time and I need to do stupid shit and harm myself just to feel something
Aleesha too fucking lazy and apathetic to Skype me because she’s ‘in bed’? Jesus Christ you can lay there for two hours and look at american apparel shit but you can’t get Skype on your phone?
Hanging out with friends I’ve never heard of, most male, with alcohol. Passive aggressively tells me another boy wants to go downtown with her when I can’t
Takes offense and makes me feel like shit when I don’t feel like talking about my issues right away
Briana is a god awful person nothing else to say
Family chastizes me on my interests, tries to prevent me from doing picking up the hobbies I want to do, and talks to me extremely condescendingly when I try and work something out
Im not going anywhere life and I’m bound to be the family failure
I’m extremely self destructive when I’m not mentally healthy. I want weed, smokes, booze. I want to self harm but I’m scared
I think I want to die